Every time I decide to create a website I have the same problem: what am I going to say about me? In which language? And, why should I do that if it’s much simpler put all my accounts together in one place and let them speak by themselves in this kind of Babel I’ve been creating? I am going to do that too, exactly how it was when the last website was shut; but, you see, I thought it would be more aesthetically pleasant to fill this first page with something more than fake text: real, genuine, and improvised text from someone that hates presentations but somehow is quite happy to talk about herself.

Having got over this first difficulty –perhaps not completely– I, fortunately, have a few things to say, so I’ll start with the basics. If you don’t know me –and you probably do otherwise you wouldn’t come to visit– this is for you:

I’m sympathetic Brazilian student living in Spain since I was a teenager. Was it a kind of self-exile? My father says so, although the situation in Brazil is much worse now, which is a shame. I’m based in Barcelona but I’ve been living in Madrid, La Coruña, and Santiago de Compostela before that, and in the latter for a decade.

I’m currently preparing my PhD working plan on Aesthetics for the next few months. I mean Philosophy –not botox or plastic surgery–. I’m focusing on Philosophy of Image, possibly one of the most fascinating topics nowadays; so I obviously spend most of the time reading about it, but I’m trying my best to have a life too.

In addition, I’m also interested in Publishing as I’ve been studying a Masters last year that truly made me want to open my own company and start a career as an Editor in parallel with my research. Turning my website into a business is one of my biggest challenges and it’s very exciting. So that’s what I’m doing now.

I didn’t have any time to keep on drawing for many reasons, but I’ll figure out how to put my drawings back on this website too. It’s been a while and I quite like them. Meanwhile, I’ve been posting my pictures on Instagram, my new addiction. My account is linked so I won’t have the misfortune of passing through another session of selfies to get one decent picture to post here, which would’ve been exhausting!

Nonetheless, I hope to keep posting here now and then. If I don’t, don’t worry, I’ll be buzzing about my website on social media, about politics on Twitter, or talking about travelling and books on Instagram.

See you!